Physicist in the kitchen: exploring the Gastronomic Universe

Seminar Research
On  March 5, 2024
A.A. Varlamov (Institute of Superconductivity and Innovation Materials (SPIN-CNR), Italy Lombard Institute Academy of Science and Letters, Italy) will give a seminar on tuesday March 5th at 2 PM in GreEn-Er's ampère Amphitheater.

how heat propagates in media, what is the difference between pizza baking in wood oven and in the electric one, why tastes of the boiled meet and the grilled one are so different, how scientifically calculate cooking time of the soft-boiled duck egg and spaghetti, why cin-cin with crystal glasses filled by sparkling wine is not accompanied by nice canorous sound, why barrista varies the coffee beans grounding depending on weather.

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Published on  February 13, 2024
Updated on  February 13, 2024