Incubator for New Interdisciplinary Projects

Stimulating the creation of new interdisciplinary collaborations around quantum sciences

While our previous experince with the French Quantum Technology Initiative aimed at funding events dedicated to quantum communication, sensing, computing and communication technologies, it also brought about the need to evolve the perimeter of fundings to cover basic science explorations and stimulates serendipity, which we believe is the key for future disruptive innovations.
We aim to tap into the huge reservoir of expertise in Grenoble and offer the possibility of divers scientific, artistic and cultural communities to meet, to learn and exchange.

TIQuA Emergence


Throught TIQuA emergence funding, we encourage the creation of interdisciplinary projects.

We will offer up to a maximum of 3 thousand Euros per project, to support the functioning of new exploratory projects such as invitations of external experts, organization of a colloquium on an interdisciplinary topic, questioning the relationship between science, society and technology, or any other actions involving at least two UGA researchers working on different topics.
Projects with an artistic and cultural dimension are included in this perspective, and the jury will pay close attention to the way in which art or culture and science dialogue within the proposed project.

Terms of submitting contributions

All project proposals must be submitted through the online Sphinx form. Once your proposal is submitted you will then need to send the following documents by email to "":

  • A five-paged description of the project, including:
    • a short state of the art with bibliography
    • methods and objectives of the project
    • qualifications of the project leaders (laboratory, fields of expertise) and the description of possible partners
Furthermore, a more specific definition of what the project brings to the quantum field will be appreciated.
  • A provisional budget

Submission templates can be found at the bottom of the page.

Selection and funding

TIQuA's Governing Board is the decision-making body for the funding. A short report will be sent to the applicants, indicating the reasons for the acceptance, or refusal, or the modifications requested to the project.

Funded applicants are expected to prepare a report on their project, including perspectives and possible follow-up.
Published on  March 28, 2023
Updated on March 8, 2024