Event Organisation

Sponsorship for the organization of schools, workshops, and conferences.


  • All QuantAlps member laboratories are eligible to apply.
  • The theme of the event must be in line with QuantAlps' research axes or federative projects.
  • At least one of the event  organiser must be affiliated to one of the QuantAlps laboratories.
  • Priority will be given to the funding of events with speakers and participants from QuantAlps laboratories.

Amount: Up to 3 000 € for each event. Once financed, the funding must be spent by november 2024.

Application period:

The application platform will be open between December 15th, 2023 and February 15th, 2024.

How to apply:

Use the application form below to submit your requests.

Results: The applicants will be informed of the results three weeks after the end of call.

Other remarks: You will not receive a confirmation of your submission, if you wish to receive the summary of your application, send an email to QuantAlps Contact.

Published on  June 14, 2023
Updated on December 13, 2023