Quantum Communication

The field of quantum communication is concerned with both the faithful transmission of quantum information (e.g., in distributed quantum computing architectures) and the use of quantum principles to achieve fundamentally secure transmission of information, potentially over large-scale quantum networks.

Achieving this requires developing the technology for stationary quantum nodes (quantum repeaters and memories), flying qubits to carry quantum information between the nodes, and the interfaces between the two. From a theoretical perspective, it is also necessary to devise efficient and secure protocols and techniques to counter noise.

This federative project unites the experimental and theoretical expertise present in Grenoble to tackle central challenges towards the practical implementation of quantum communication networks. These include the development of bright sources of highly entangled multi-photon states, the realization of integrated platforms combining fixed quantum nodes and flying qubits (e.g., using spin-photon interfaces or flying electrons), as well as the development and demonstration of quantum communication protocols with realistic, noisy sources.

Published on  September 3, 2021
Updated on May 23, 2023