Research axes

In order to present an accurate picture of our ecosystem, a mapping of Grenoble's strengths in quantum science and technology was undertaken in the spring of 2021.

This census has helped to define the scientific perimeter of QuantAlps around 5 axes with strong potential for interconnection: Quantum Engineering & Hardware, Quantum Matter, Quantum Information & Software, Capacitive Technologies, Humanities for Quantum Sciences. These areas, which are part of LabEx LANEF or pre-structured by Quantum Engineering Grenoble, constitute our pool of local strengths on which we have developed the QuantAlps project. More than 200 permanent researchers and faculty members across 18 laboratories have responded to the call. Their expertise is in experimental and theoretical physics, nanotechnology, computer science, mathematics, philosophy and sociology.

Published on  September 3, 2021
Updated on April 19, 2023