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QuanTEdu-France, led by Université Grenoble Alpes, brings together a consortium of 21 academic institutions nationwide, professionals in initial and continuing education, and players in industry and innovation. QuanTEdu-France aims to meet the objectives set out in the national strategy for quantum technologies, as part of a drive to accelerate the development of skills and human capital. QuanTEdu-France is implementing concrete actions to meet the growing need for quantum technology skills among engineers, researchers, teacher-researchers and professors, technicians and managers, while consolidating interactions between academics, researchers and local and national economic players. Indeed, the emergence of new professions encouraged by the national quantum strategy, such as quantum engineer-doctors, calls for in-depth reflection on the teaching methods to be adopted. These methods preserve the generalist nature of disciplinary and fundamental teaching, while promoting interdisciplinarity, a spirit of innovation and integration into the job market.
Target Audience

QuanTEdu-France develops concrete actions from pre-university training to doctoral training, with an ambitious program to fund doctoral contracts. QuanTEdu-France is developing initial and continuing training courses, in partnership with professional training and industry players, while participating in the digital transition of training courses, as well as raising awareness and popularizing science.

In order to meet the growing need for skills in quantum technologies, it is first necessary to increase the pool of future young talent by making them aware, before higher education, of the many outlets directly or indirectly linked to quantum technologies. QuanTEdu-France is also developing its Bachelor's, Master's and 1st year engineering school courses to increase the desire to pursue careers in quantum technologies, by developing cross-disciplinary or specific courses at this level of study. At Master's level, while new interdisciplinary courses have been set up from the start of the 2021 academic year to train students in this technological revolution, QuanTEdu-France aims to "train physicists to be more engineers. Engineers to know more physics. Computer scientists to awaken to quantum...", in line with the objectives in terms of skills to be acquired to meet the needs of industry and research. In this way, new specific courses will continue to open up during the life of the project. Finally, at the same time as these actions, the development of human capital and future talent must necessarily be supported by an ambitious program of continuing and doctoral education.
Expected Impact

Based on the results of consultations with educational establishments and industry, the quantum strategy is expected to create 16,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2030. This ramp-up will be supported by QuanTEdu-France's various initiatives at different levels of education, combining initial and continuing training, technical, engineering, management and entrepreneurial training, as well as training through research. In addition, at international level, we need to continue deploying a strategy of targeting talent and raising the profile of national centers of excellence, through incentives that offer candidates long-term visibility. Thanks to the acceleration and fundings provided by the French government, our ambition is to train new talents and experts who will participate directly and indirectly in the growth of quantum technologies.

  • Franck Balestro (UGA-PhITEM) - Coordinator Contact

  • Sibylle Belaud (UGA) - Project Manager Contact

  • M. Echenim (UGA-ENSIMAG)

  • D. Ferrand (UGA-PhITEM)

  • C. Picard (UGA-ENSIMAG)

  • A. Joye (UGA-Institut Fourier)

  • J. Meyer (UGA-PhITEM)

  • C. Winkelmann (CNRS-Institut Néel)

  • L. Bastard (Grenoble INP - UGA - Phelma)


This work is supported by the French National Research Agency in the framework of the Program QuanTEdu-France n° ANR-22-CMAS-0001 France 2030.