QuanTEdu Master 2 Scholarships

Grenoble invites you to deepen your education and expertise in the field of quantum technologies.

Nestled in the heart of the Alps, Grenoble positions itself as an ideal destination for international students looking to specialize in this strategically important field that offers numerous opportunities following your education, whether in academia or industry.

Renowned for its large academic training offer, research institutions, industries and startups, Grenoble is at the forefront of quantum technologies. As a student, you will find yourself at the center of an ecosystem pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation in quantum technologies.

What sets Grenoble apart is not only its international academic expertise but also its strong commitment to international talents. For international students passionate about quantum technologies, Grenoble, through the QuanTEdu-France program coordinated by the University Grenoble Alpes, offers prestigious excellence scholarships. These scholarships (€5,000 for the academic year) are dedicated to support promising students who aspire to contribute to the future of quantum innovation.

Seize the opportunity to join Grenoble's quantum technology community, where education transcends borders and innovation knows no bounds. Join us, and your academic journey in quantum technologies will begin with the excellence and support that Grenoble provides through its prestigious scholarships. The University Grenoble Alps supports you and looks forward to your involvement in quantum technologies!

How to apply

The Quantum scholarships (5,000€) are for excellent international or national applicants registered in the 2nd year of the Quantum thematic program of UGA Graduate School or in a Grenoble Master program or an Engineer School track, and registered in the “Quantum Optics” AND “Quantum Condensed Matter” courses.

Applicants have to be self-supporting students: students who already have a grant, scholarship, financial support from another university, or a governmental agency are not eligible for the Scholarship.

Applicants should apply for the Scholarship by sending their application to Prof. Franck Balestro (franck.balestro@univ-grenoble-alpes.fr) and Prof. David Ferrand (david.ferrand@neel.cnrs.fr), with the following mention in the title of your message: Application for Quantum Scholarship 2024.

  • Comprehensive CV

  • Official transcript of M1 or 2A grades (1st semester is mandatory, and 2nd semester if you already have this information)

  • Motivation letter expressing your motivation for quantum technologies and your intended career path

Deadline for applying for the Scholarship: May 31st, 2024 at 18h. Students who have been granted a Scholarship will be informed via email by June 14th, 2024.

If you are not granted for the first call, you will have to opportunity to apply to the 2nd call that will be open on September 13th, 2024.

Published on  February 12, 2024
Updated on April 10, 2024