Sustainable Quantum

sustainable quantum
Triggering awareness of the environmental impact of quantum technologies

Our objective is to provide to the research community tools to analyze and quantify the impact of quantum technologies.
While the use-cases are tackled in "Humanities for quantum", here we focus on the physical side of the problem, which includes energy and material consumption, life cycle analysis and “eco-design” into the quantum domain. We shall also investigate the potential of new quantum materials to reduce the energy bill.

Establishing our network of expertise, building the methodology to bring out Sustainable Quantum Techs and communicating on this matter are among our desired outcomes. Our work would also rely on the results brought by research funded elsewhere, in particular:

  • Energetics of quantum technologies: this research line created by QuEnG aims to develop the tools to compute, simulate, communicate and measure in a quantum manner, using minimal energetic resources. The ultimate question is the existence of an energetic quantum advantage and how to bring it out in realistic scenarios.

  • Quantum technologies and materials for sustainable quantum. The potential of quantum materials and quantum engineering for energy efficiency will be considered, or for extracting energy from sunlight or waste heat. Particular examples include using quantum correlations and interactions for more efficient refrigeration, more efficient energy storage, or to enhance photovoltaic and thermoelectric devices

Published on  March 28, 2023
Updated on April 26, 2023