All courses are open to international students but not all of them are taught in English.

Master 1

  • Master 1 Nanophysics - Quantum Physics
    The M1 NanoPhysics – Quantum Physics is a high-level generalist training program accessible to national and international students having a background in physics or engineering. Member of the Quantum Graduate School program, it provides the appropriate background to pursue a second year in the Master 2 Nanophysics, the Master 2 Quantum Information Quantum Engineering (QIQE), or the Master 2 Ingénierie des Micro et Nanosystèmes(IMN)
  • Master 1 Physics
    The M1 Physics covers a broad spectrum of topics in physics including quantum physics, solide state physics, and semiconductors.
    It relies on the wide variety of research teams in the field of physics in Grenoble from astrophysics to material science to offer a complete overview of the topic.  The "Recherche Fondementale" program is destined to students who are interested in a PhD in fundamental physics and provide the necessary knowledge to continue, among others, into the "Master 2 Quantum Matter" program. The "Recherche et Innovation" program is aimed toward applied physics whith employment opportunities either in industry or as a PhD student. This is the main access to the "Master 2 Photonics and Semiconductors" program. Both program also offer Master 2 specialisation in many other domains of physics. All courses are tought in french. The master is open to both national and international students with a solid background in physics at bachelor level.
  • Master 1 of Science in informatics at Grenoble
    The objective of the Master of Science in Informatics is to offer to all students, regardless of country of origin, access to world-class graduate training in areas of Informatics where the scientific research community in Grenoble is particularly strong.
    The Master of Science in Informatics at Grenoble is a highly competitive, two-year European Standard (LMD) graduate program. Courseware is offered in English, and the program is open to top students holding a BSc in Computer Engineering or Computer Science (European LMD Licence), a degree in engineering, or an equivalent degree, from any country.

Master 2

  • Master 2 Quantum information-Quantum engineeering (QIQE)
    As part of the deployment of the national strategy on quantum technologies, the Master QIQE is aimed to students who want to continue studies in quantum science and technologies. Member of the Quantum Graduate School program, QIQE is a high-level training program in the field of quantum physics, from foundations to technological applications, as well as practical tools and techniques. The master is open to national and international students willing to work on fundamental quantum problems, and simultaneously contribute to the emergence of quantum technologies.
  • Master 2 Quantum Matter
    The quantum matter course (parcours « matière quantique ») is a high-level generalist training program in the field of quantum physics. It allows to acquire all the fundamental concepts necessary for the study of the physical properties of solids, as well as the conceptual and theoretical tools essential to the understanding of interacting many-body systems. It prepares to carry out a thesis in all the themes of condensed matter, from theory to applied physics : unconventional magnetic and electronic phases, "exotic" superconductors , quantum fluids, meso/nanoscopic or low-dimensional systems, new states of matter, quantum information etc…

  • Master 2 Nanophysics
    The Master 2 Nanophysics offers fundamental and applied courses on the physical properties, growth, nanofabrication and advanced characterization of nanostructures. Member of the Quantum Graduate School program, it covers topics from crystal growth, quantum transport, photonics, nanomagnetism, spintronics, applications (energy, microelectronics, sensors…) and nanofabrication techniques. The program combines high-level courses and trainings on top-equipments of research laboratories and clean rooms facilities of the Grenoble area.
  • Master 2 Photonics and Semiconductors
    The "Photonics and Semiconductors" program is a joint program between UGA's "Physics" Master's program and the Grenoble INP - Phelma engineering school. Member of the Quantum Graduate School program, it focuses on the fabrication, physics and modeling of devices for photonics, electronics and optoelectronics. These devices (transistors, lasers, CMOS imagers, photovoltaic cells, frequency converters, etc.) are the subject of intensive research in both academic and industrial environments, because of their importance in many sectors, such as information technology.
  • Master 2 Cybersecurity
    Cybersecurity is a second year program (semesters 9 and 10) of the Mathematics and Computer Science Masters. Courses are in English and the program follows a first year Master 1 in mathematics or Computer Science or equivalent.

Published on  March 18, 2021
Updated on June 28, 2023