New Synergies

Quantum ontology

Quantum ontology identifies the entities and characteristics of the physical world as described by quantum theories and/or experiments. To this end, the aim is to set up a true interdisciplinary dialogue, where on the one hand the implications of quantum theories and experiments are clarified by the conceptual tools of the philosophy of science and where, on the other hand, traditional philosophical discussions related to the nature of the physical world are enriched by the contributions of quantum theories. This central pillar of the transverse federative project 'Humanities for Quantum' can be developed on a solid core of researchers coming from the different axes of the QuantAlps ecosystem and already having a tradition of collaboration on the philosophy and foundations of quantum physics.

Ethics of quantum technologies

In the context of the upcoming emergence of quantum technologies in innovation societies, we will define what quantum changes to the contemporary technological fact, but also how it does so, especially in relation to the games of actors that allow its concrete development via research, industry, uses and markets. We will deepen the ethical and political aspects of quantum innovations, in particular via the implementation of a cycle of seminars and round tables on the model of the actions implemented within MIAI.

Uses and impacts of quantum sciences and technologies

The aim is to propose an interdisciplinary approach to the study of innovations and commercial applications of quantum technologies; to involve human and social sciences in a responsible research and innovation approach in quantum technologies, and finally to develop instruments to evaluate their impacts. In this context, the sociologists of the site will be able to rely on the interest and contribution of the physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists of the site (participation in interviews and surveys).

Published on  September 6, 2021
Updated on May 23, 2023