Postdoc position in Quantum Photonics at Grenoble

On the  July 4, 2022
In the frame of the ANR project « A bright source of Indistinguishable Polarization-entangled On-Demand photon pairs », the team of Jean-Philippe Poizat (Institut Néel, CNRS Grenoble) together with Julien Claudon and Jean-Michel Gérard (IRIG, CEA Grenoble) offers a one year postdoc position, with possibilities for extension.

The goal of this project is to design, fabricate and use a single semiconductor quantum dot (QD) embedded in an original nanocavity photonic waveguide to produce polarization entangled photon pairs with a very high quantum efficiency. The objective is to come up with a device satisfying all the requirements for a realistic implementation in a quantum communication set-up. The position will consist in realizing all the optical experiments, more specifically photoluminescence spectroscopy and photon correlations.

Institut Néel is one of the largest French national research institutes in condensed matter physics. Grenoble features a unique scientific, industrial and cultural ecosystem. It offers one of Europe’s largest high-tech center, with a very strong activity in quantum technologies. It benefits from an exceptionnal environment at the heart of the French Alps.

Published on  July 4, 2022
Updated on  July 4, 2022