A Complete Equational Theory for Quantum Circuits

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On the  September 21, 2022
Kenny Eliason
Kenny Eliason
Simon Perdrix (LORIA, Nancy) will give a seminar on Wednesday 21 September at 3:30pm in room 406 of the IMAG building (on the UGA campus). It will also be possible to follow the seminar online (Zoom link below).

Abstract: Since their introduction in the 80’s, quantum circuits are ubiquitous in quantum computing. Transforming quantum circuits is crucial, for instance for resource optimisation, hardware-constraint satisfaction or fault-tolerant quantum computing. Circuit transformations are usually performed by means of local transformations, relying on a set of equations, called an equational theory, which describe how a piece of quantum circuit can be replaced by an equivalent one. An equational theory is complete when any circuit can be transformed into any equivalent circuit. I will present the first complete equational theory for quantum circuits. The completeness relies on the properties of multi-controlled gates — that are defined using elementary gates — together with an encoding of quantum circuits into linear optical circuits, for which we have recently introduced a complete axiomatisation.


The seminar will take place in room 406 of the IMAG building on the campus. Access to the floor is badged, so someone will wait in the entrance to take attendees up, but please arrive on time to ensure we can let you in.

Zoom link + details:

Meeting ID: 985 1551 2137
Passcode: 436965

Published on  September 20, 2022
Updated on  September 20, 2022