Philosophy and Foundations of Quantum Physics

Philosophy and Quantum

It is well-known that current dominant realist interpretations/formulations of quantum physics are heterogeneous and often far removed from the actual research and concerns of the working physicists in quantum foundations (and even more so in the context of developing quantum technologies). So, in contrast to the sometimes-dogmatic discussions on the various realist interpretations of quantum theory, our strategy is more pragmatic and consists in identifying possible common features that are central to quantum theory and that cut across (several) realist interpretations.

To this aim, we will exploit the conceptual tools that have been developed in the recent decades in the philosophy and metaphysics of science, while at the same time paying attention to current developments in quantum foundations (and also possibly beyond standard quantum theory, e.g. in the various research programs in quantum gravity) that may shed a new light on the realist understanding of the theory. We will thus provide solid conceptual foundations not only for a realist attitude towards quantum physics, but also for the very quantum technologies emerging from this theoretical framework. Particular attention will be paid on issues related to causation, spacetime and the laws of nature in this context.

In a larger philosophy of science perspective, we further aim to discuss the role and status of quantum innovation and quantum technologies in the face of the climate and environmental challenges.

These questions will be investigated within the framework of a well-established collaboration with Prof. Vincent Lam, former Chair of Excellence in Philosophy of Physics of the CDP QuEnG and the quantum foundation group of Grenoble.

Published on  March 31, 2023
Updated on May 4, 2023