Social Sciences for Innovation and Use Cases

Use Cases

The Social and Human Sciences (SHS) as defined in the French educational system, have developed interdisciplinary research programs and methods to manage user-oriented innovation processes with the socio-economic stakeholders in the application domains for high technology. The approaches are both reflective and of actionable research and they give a central place to experimentation in the sense of the user experience (UX) in lab conditions or in-vivo: this means the involvement of potential users in the innovation process.

In the field of quantum sciences, the innovation process is very important: the link between a technological proposal (a potential today) and the potential usages is at the state of preliminary hypotheses. In this configuration, the experimentation with the users in the innovation process must be understood in a perspective of participatory innovation, that is to say with the mobilization of field stakeholders so they contribute to innovation and R&D agenda according to societal challenges.

The scientific community of the INNOVACS research federation which is well experienced in research actions has engaged the ecosystems of potential business players of future quantum technologies and the communities of end-users (citizens) in the imagination of the human and socio-economic impact of quantum technologies (stakes, expected results, obstacles / uses or even possible controversies).
Published on  March 28, 2023
Updated on April 20, 2023